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Check out the interview HERE:…

The lovely Sara Katz-Scher hit me up for an interview a few weeks back and, after some editing on my part so I don't come across as a complete doofus via Skype, the article's finally up for your perusal over at  Definitely check it out if you're interested in me rambling on about, quite predictably, cosplay and my historical Disney princesses.


Hey guys, I finally had time to design some fabric for one of the Spoonflower weekly contests!  EXCITING.  Who am I to resist drawing an obscene number of baby sea turtles, honestly.  You should head over to the site and vote because I will love you forever, oooor just because you like the fabric.  There's a ton of other cute stuff in the contest this week, so it's definitely worth checking out the lineup. :)

Whether or not I actually place in the contest, I'll make sure to post once the fabric's up for sale.  Definitely going to try to do more of this kind of thing, especially when it comes to doing replica versions of all the historical Disney princess fabrics.
I love you guys, but there is absolutely no rhyme or reason as to why Meg's eyes are open, and no she is not the first, and omigod so many questions about the eyes

Just keeping you guys informed and whatnot:
  • Historical Disney Princesses - COMPLETE PRINT SET
    I've finally finished ordering the 4 x 6" postcards for the remaining princesses, so you can now purchase the entire set of Historical Disney Princess prints with one easy click.  I've also added a 15% discount when you buy them as a set, since it's waaaay easier for me to pack and ship them that way. :)
  • Tiny Horuses
    I have four (4) Tiny Horus statues left, so I should be posting those up in the store in the next few days once I figure out a fair price.  Stay tuned!


Hey guys-

for my own sanity I'm setting this Saturday, DECEMBER 10, as the cutoff date for ordering prints from my Big Cartel store before the holidays.  I'm going to spend this weekend packing everything up, and should have everything shipped out Monday morning.

  • I ship everything using USPS Priority Mail, so domestic orders will ship in 2-3 days and international with ship in 6-10.  If you need something faster, just send me a note and I can et you a quote for expedited shipping (usually around $15-30 domestic, $30-35 international).
  • If you don't receive tracking information by Tuesday, December 13th, please feel free to send me a note and I'll make sure that your package went out.  I have a ton of orders coming in right now, so it can be tough to keep track of everything.
  • You're more than welcome to place orders after tomorrow, just know that I probably won't get around to them until after the new year.
  • I will continue to fulfill desktop background orders during the holidays, since that's relatively easy.  Woo!

In other store news, I should have full sets of the Disney princesses available in the store come January!  I'm still waiting on my order of postcard prints, so I don't want to set up that product until I have the supplies to back it up.

Thanks you guys,

I am SLOW but I finally added the Rapunzel desktops to the wallpaper set!  If you've already purchased the set, you should be able to revisit the link and download them as you so please.

Edited and uploaded!  Lots of redrawing in this one:

Added Rapunzel to my BigCartel store:…

And I'll try to add her to the wallpaper set asap.

A lot of people have asked me about cosplaying my princess dresses, but Chibirinoa is the first person to actually send me photos! :D AGHHGHJdfgd so pretty.

While I'm at it, any of you guys (especially you artist-folk) have suggestions for conventions I should be selling art at?  I have a few on my radar, but it's hard to gauge which ones would be worth it.  So far people have suggested to me:
  • New York Comic-Con
  • Emerald City Comic-Con
  • CTN Expo
  • Stumptown Comics Fest

...And I'm always thinking about SDCC, but that's a big investment and probably a year or two off.

I've been getting a lot of inquiries about selling more merch as of late (and am pretty keen on the idea myself), so I put together a quick and painless survey to test the waters and see what people would be interested in purchasing:

Merch Surveyyyyy woo

If you have a spare second to fill it out, that would be awesome- any advice or input is greatly appreciated, even if it's just in the comments.  I'd love to start selling more than prints (and the odd Tiny Horus figure), it's just hard to figure out where people's interests lie. :)


So for once I'm going to post about a con before I am actually at said con.  BRILLIANT.  I'm going to be at Steamcon III this weekend in Seattle- I'm coordinating Artists' Alley, have a bunch of art/prints in the art show, and am going to be moderating/on several panels:

Sat, 11AM - Steampunking your Fandom, Grand B
There have been a lot of recent attempts to filter existing franchises through a Steampunk lens- Steampunk Star Wars, Ghostbusters, Doctor Who, and more.  But how do you do this well without slapping a few gears on a Storm trooper helmet? Join us for a discussion and an illustrated how-to on breaking down a character's design, personality, & role, and building them back up within the context of a Steampunk universe.

Sat, 1PM - Steampunk Video Game Art, Regency B
As technology continues to advance, more and more steampunk artists are moving into the realm of video games. Learn what goes on behind the creation of these games: programs and techniques the artists use, the challenges of this new medium, and what the future of the business holds.

Sun, 11AM - Digital Daguerreotyping, Regency C
We’re always trying to age our costume photos and illustrations to make them look like they’re straight out of the 1880’s, but there’s a lot more to it than a well-placed sepia filter.  Join us for a brief history of the various photographic and printing techniques of the Victorian era, followed by examples and a live demo showing you how to mimic those same processes digitally.  No wet plates or letterpresses involved, we swear.

Sun, 12PM - Steampunk Art, Regency C
Come meet some artists who represent steampunk to see how they imagine, design, and create beautiful works of art!

...So yes!  If you're going to be at the con, please feel welcome to track me down and say hi.  I'll probably be in my khaki getup or that awesome Hussar jacket most of the weekend (seeing how life has allowed me next to no time to make anything new this year) if you need to spot me from afar.

-Claire, who is trying not to have a pre-con meltdown

I keep thinking the FAQ covers it, but I feel like I have to be a bit more forward-

Please do not ask me if I have considered/am going to draw any particular Disney female.

I'm happy to answer asks that have a bit more meat to the inquiry- like someone on Tumblr asking if I had considered drawing Nala as a human- but if you're just going to ask about [insert female Disney character here], then let me nip this at the bud and say

1. YES I have considered them, I have a list
2. NO idea whether or not I'll get around to drawing them

…Hopefully that answers most of those inquiries!  I'm just kinda exhausted of fielding identical questions over and over again. :/

Finally got around to UPDATING this sucker, and thought it would be worth reminding everyone that it exists in the first place. :)

Please do not ask me if I have considered/am going to draw any particular Disney female.

Are you going to do any more pieces in this series?
Yes!  Let it be assumed that I will continue doing these until stated otherwise.

Which princess are you going to do next?
I honestly don't know until I start working on it, and I also don't like spoiling the surprise.

Can I make a request?
Please don't!  There are only so many Disney princesses, so requests come across as a bit redundant.  I don't mind hearing "I can't wait for you to do Kida!", but I get a bit tired of "Can you do Kida next?"

When are you going to do [INSERT OTHER DISNEY PRINCESS HERE]?
I'm researching all of the Disney princesses simultaneously, actually, since I tend to find reference for one while I'm looking through books for another.  As to the order in which I do them, it's completely up to my whim.

Oh hey, look at that.

What about Alice/Esmeralda/Jane Porter and all of Disney's other non-royals (or, in Kida's case, non-official royals)?
They are not being ignored.  I have some weirdly obscure Disney tastes, though, so you might end up seeing a certain cowgirl on a catfish before you see Esmeralda.

What about the men/ancillary characters like Aladdin and Lottie?
I'm honestly not planning that far ahead, and I also have a lot of other non-Disney art projects that I'd rather spend time on.  Granted, Inca Emperor Kuzco would be...  Yeah.  Epic.  We'll see.

Are you going to do Anastasia?
I'm afraid not.  I never liked the film much (Let's ignore the fact that I own the soundtrack what of it SHUT UP DON'T JUDGE ME), and I want to stick to Disney.  It's what I grew up with.

Actually, I meant Cinderella's stepsister, Anastasia.
Oh!  Well then.  Possibly.

Did you know the original story of [DISNEY PRINCESS] actually took place in [YEAR] and/or [PLACE]?
Yes!  I've researched all of these to a fault.  If it honestly feels like I've missed something please do comment, but also remember that I'm basing these specifically on the Disney versions...  Imperfections and all.  Sometimes the date of the original source material is relevant (Pocahontas, Esmeralda, etc), sometimes it isn't.

No, but really, Princess Badroulbadour is supposed to be from China, and-
Yup!  I read that Wikipedia page too.

I disagree with your choice of time period, and only one of us can be right!
In the long run, these are compleeeeetely for personal gratification and enjoyment.  Sure, The Little Mermaid fits pretty well into 1837, but I don't like the '30's (seriously guys WHAT IS THIS NONSENSE:… ) and Ariel's legomutton sleeves are placed high enough to scream "Belle Epoche," so, y'know.  Loophole.  I'm thrilled to hear how other people interpret the films, just not to the point that I'm going to go back and change my art.

Well these aren't entirely period accurate, are they?
These are for fun.  Stylistic liberties have been taken.  If the films themselves are at about 50% historical accuracy, these are more around 85-90%.  Closer, but they're not diagrams.

Why are all their eyes closed?
I really like the demure sideways/lowered glance, so after doing Belle looking down at her mirror it seemed like another way to tie the series together.  I like that they're not engaging the viewer, that they're in their own world, but in the long run I just really enjoy drawing them!  It implies large eyes without looking too cartoony.

Are you doing these because you hate the original Disney princess dresses?  THEY'RE SO PRETTY WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM I BET WALT IS ROLLING IN HIS GRAVE
These aren't meant to be better, just more historically accurate.  Don't freak out.

Do you have any suggestions as to where I can research historical costuming?
I do, finally!  You can go check out the journal entry here… , and I'll try to update it regularly.

Can I cosplay your costumes?
Please do, I encourage it!  All I ask is that I get to see photos of the final product. :)

Can I draw fanart of your costumes, or draw my own historical princesses?
Of course!  A few people have already sent me some fanart, and lord knows I don't own the idea of drawing the Disney ladies in period fashion.  People have done the same idea before and after me, completely unrelated to my series, and I love running across it.  There's no new idea under the sun, really.
Just a heads up that if you purchased the wallpaper set from my BigCartel store, the link now includes the wallpapers for Mulan and Tiana as well.  Enjoy!


If any of you are interested in my artistic tastes and reference libraries, it seems worth mentioning that I'm pretty active over on Pinterest!  FANCY THAT.  So many pretty pictures.

I update my boards often, including some project-specific ones like my Historical Disney Princess references; it's not totally fleshed out yet, what with the gads of images on my computer, but it's got some hints at what Tiana's going to look like in the meantime. :)

So I'm excited to announce that I got hooked up with inPRNT and set up a second print shop:…

…Yes I know it's all a bit redundant, but they use top notch archival inks and cotton rag paper, they're comparably priced to my Big Cartel storefront, and they have an option to buy most of my pieces at 18 x 24"- something I can't fulfill with my Epson at home.  It takes a lot of weight off of my shoulders to be able to sell some prints through a professional printing service, so I'm putting the feelers out and trying to decide how much I really want to keep printing from home (Answer: not so much, so little free time).

I'm not closing my Big Cartel store or anything of the like, just giving people some more options and seeing if people prefer one over the other.  Heads up- if you end up ordering a print from inPRNT, I might have to bug you and see what you think of the service. :)

Hey kids!  It's the 7th, which means my Tiny Horus giveaway has come to a close.  After a random drawing, the two lucky people getting a Tiny Horus statue are Ashley Claypool and Emily Kutzler!

As an extra little thing, the next four runners up will get an 8.5 x 11" print of their choice from my Big Cartel store:

Aron Shay
Jennifer Max
Kirsten McKay
Agnes Giblot Ducray

...So congrats!  This was fun, and it definitely makes me want to do more legal raffles in the future.  I will be putting up the remainder of my Horuses on Big Cartel in the next few weeks, and the desktop wallpapers will, of course, continue to be available for $1.

Thanks to everyone who entered, and, seeing how I have no idea if the winners follow me on DeviantArt or elsewhere, I'm off to send some actual, substantial e-mails. :)
So much of the stuff I do is digital nowadays that it's rare for me to have an original piece to put up for sale, but I'm ready to let these guys go at some point soon:

A Fair Fight by shoomlah Mr. Handsome McPuggerkins III by shoomlah Colonel V. P. Puggerkins by shoomlah Steampunk Mag - no. 4 Cover by shoomlah

I was just going to put them up on Big Cartel for a flat rate, but was also considering auctions and all that nonsense.  Have any artists out there sold on eBay or other auction sites?  Any advice or horror stories in that regard?

Sooooo, you learn things every day.  Things like the illegality of online raffles with entrance fees!  Aheh.  Instead of drifting into some legally grey territory, here's the deal:

A lot of people have been asking for my Historical Disney Princesses (and a number of other pieces) at desktop resolution, so I've decided to make 1900 x 1200 wallpapers of each one (including both Aurora colourways for you picky few) and offer the entire set for a mere $1.  Fancy that!

As a result of your purchase, you'll also be entered in a raffle to win one of two Tiny Horus figures!  CANOPIC JAR QUEBEHSENUEF APPROVES OF THIS.

(The figure is produced by Patch Together, made of solid resin and standing about 5" tall with a base.)

I'll be accepting entries for the Tiny Horus giveaway up until September 7th, at which point I'll choose two names out of a proverbial hat to win each of the available figures.  I'm only allowing one entry per person into the Tiny Horus giveaway, so buying the item several times over won't improve your chances.  While I will be putting up several of the Tiny Horus figures for sale at a flat rate in the near future, I don't have a ton left- this is a great chance to get your hands on one if you wouldn't otherwise have the funds.



(P.S: Until August 27th, all  the profits from these wallpaper sales are going to go to my buds in the League for their Adventures of the League of S.T.E.A.M. Season 2 Kickstarter!  Go check it out.  They're rad.)