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Is anyone confused by that when it happens, or is it no big deal?  I'm just finally thinking about taking the plunge and retiring shoomlah.

PLEASE NOTE: I would be changing it to clairehummel.

Hey guys, small favor to ask-

If you see a Reddit thread featuring my art, please don't link me to it!  I've gotten a ton of links to one that cropped up today, and 90% of the comments are negative/idiotic/making some pretty broad assumptions.  Just not something that I can deal with stress-wise.


It's almost a week away, but I'm gonna be at Emerald City Comicon this year!  Unlike last year I'll actually be up on the main floor, so it should be way easier to find me.  I love getting to meet you guys at these things, so please swing by to say hi if you have a chance. :)

I'm also going to be sharing my booth with Colin Foran, aka :iconnathantwist: on tumblr and DA- he's a coworker and a good friend, and it's definitely worth your time to come and check out his work:

More sketchin by nathantwist Scotland by nathantwist Nooooo one is at work today by nathantwist

Hope to see some of you guys there,
That last post actually turned into people asking me a bunch of things that are already answered in the actual FAQ, so just a reminder that it exists.  And an addendum:

1. Are you going to do Kida?
At this point in time, no.  Kidagakash and Atlantis are designed as some amalgam of Mayan/Tibetan/Indian/Cambodian aesthetics, so I honestly can't see the point in trying to anchor it to any existing culture without making something ridiculously off-base or offensive.

And, to reiterate:

2. Have you thought of doing [INSERT FEMALE DISNEY CHARACTER HERE]?
Yup!  I'd give you a fair sum of money if you could name a Disney female- even the peripheral characters- that I haven't thought about for this project.

Who knows!

Don't worry, I won't!

I'm really sorry if I come off as exasperated, but I have drained the proverbial well of characters I could consider for this project.  I have a grand master list!  I promise I'm not forgetting anyone.  I like surprising people, so I prefer not to answer the inquires of who I'm going to draw next. :)

1. Will you be making one of Merida?

2. Will you being doing one of that girl from Brave?
Indeed I will.

3. I know she's Pixar so not totally Disney but can you please draw one of Merida?

4. Did you know Merida's becoming a princess this year?  Are you going to draw her?
Just for you, baby.


(there is also an actual FAQ, by the by)

First off, thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway- I really appreicate your patience through the holidays while I sorted out my issues with Tumblr and Facebook, and I had a blast reading through everyone's sketch requests- reeeally made me want to open up commissions again, gotta admit.

Because I have more than the allotted number of art books in stock, I decided to choose 7 winners rather than the original 5- there was such an amazing turnout for the giveaway that it seemed like a waste not to spread it around.  So here are the chosen few:

1. TaylaColley
2. Kyrstin Avello
3. Lookanowl
4. BrookeVonStein
5. Sami Kerwin
6. AlexisCrow2011
7. Zach Scott

...Aaaaand, to sweeten the deal for some of the runners up, I chose 5 additional people to receive small sketch commissions as a consolation prize!

1. Secretary Bird
2. Shauni Crystal Lane
3. Girl-and-her-uke
4. KaoruMatsumoto
5. Foxfeather Zenkova

FELICITATIONS ALL AROUND. I've contacted all of the winners at this point, so if you're on the list and haven't gotten a note please feel free to reach out to me via Tumblr/Facebook/DA/whathaveyou.  If I don't hear back from any of the winners within the next few weeks, I'll choose some new recipients to take their place and keep you guys in the loop.

Thanks again to everyone who participated- now that I've got this whole givaway process sorted out, I'll try to have them more regularly in the future. Happy New Year, you crazy kids!

Just a friendly reminder that today's the last day to enter my giveaway over on Tumblr and Facebook:…

I'll be tallying up all the entries later tonight, and should be announcing the winners tomorrow!  If you're chosen I'll be reaching out to you specifically to get your shipping information, sketch request, etc.  Thanks in advance to everyone who entered!  I'll definitely be doing more of this sort of thing in the future.

Also, quick note about my store- today's the last day to place orders for the holidays!  I head home on Wednesday, so I want to make sure I have everything packed up and shipped up before then.

Happy Holidays to all you fine folk,

Since people have been asking about these and it can be a bit of chore to order/ship them myself, I'm making my art book available directly through MagCloud!

These copies won't be signed since you're getting them directly from the manufacturer, but at $15.00 they're also $5.00 cheaper than the price I would usually use at conventions, in my online store, etc.  Each art book is 44 pages of art and sketches, and you can preview the entire thing over on Magcloud before buying it.

There's also a digital pdf copy available for $2.00, if you're stretched for cash or aren't interested in a physical copy.  Go check it out!

I'd love to do a more official art book in the future, but this is a fantastic alternative in the short term.  Feedback and suggestions always welcome, if there's something in particular you'd like to see in future iterations of my art book/sketchbooks. :)

Heading to CTNX for the weekend!  Or, well, not heading- seeing how I already have my badge and am crashing in my hotel room- but you get the general idea.

I'm attending for work this year so I won't be behind a table, but I'm pretty psyched to take in all of the programming and buy as many books as I can carry at Stuart Ng.  Feel free to say hi if you run onto me on the floor, I'll be the one sobbing when I meet my animation idols.



Light Grey Art Lab's Girls: Fact + Fiction art show is coming up in a couple of weeks, and I've got a piece in the show!  I'm only posting a preview of my Girl Of Choice for now (pictured underneath the flyer), but I should be able to post the entire piece in a couple of days with a link to their online store.

Really excited to be in another show with these fine folks, alongside a ton of other amazing artists- just wish I lived closer to the venue. :P

Please let it be known that I have taken commissions before, I have a job in the industry, and I do professional freelance on a regular basis!  I'm not asking for advice on pricing, per se, so much as I'm just curious as to what the general visibility is for art commissions in the non-professional/fan communities.

I know what I want to charge, though I don't think most people will like it; from the prices some people were quoting, I feel like commissioners are getting away with murder.  Not that they're acting on some malicious intent!  I just don't think people read enough Work Made For Hire.

Hey, you crazy kids-

I always ramble on about accepting commissions when I have the time, and then that time never comes, but I figure JUST IN CASE IT DOES I should get my business in order so I can strike when the proverbial iron is hot.  Answer me this:

1. Would you be interested in being thrown on a mailing list to be informed if I open up commissions?
2. Do you prefer flat rates for commissions, or a raffle-like situation with cheaper slots?  Maybe both?  NEITHER?
3. Would you be interested in specific slots for commissions in the vein of the Historical Disney Princesses series?
4. What do you expect to pay for commissions?  Not that this will affect what I charge for them, but I am curious what internet industry standards are.  Probably pretty shitty.
5. Any other thoughts, dreams, complaints?  About commissions, anyway.

[ An Addendum!
Please let it be known that I have taken commissions before, I have a job in the industry, and I do professional freelance on a regular basis!  I'm not asking for advice on pricing, per se, so much as I'm just curious as to what the general visibility is for art commissions in the non-professional/fan communities.

I know what I want to charge, though I don't think most people will like it; from the prices some people were quoting, I feel like commissioners are getting away with murder.  Not that they're acting on some malicious intent!  I just don't think people read enough Work Made For Hire. ]

I will probably think of more things to ask but this is as good a start as any,

...Not that I don't love my cowboy boots.

Thank you guys so damn much for your support in the FluevogCreative contest this month!  My bio and interview are up on the site as of today, if you're in the mood to read some very unsurprising revelations about me and my love of shoes.


Jet City Comic Show | Seattle, WA | September 22, 2012

Booth# AA20 in the Artists’ Alley

Rose City Comic-Con was a blast, so I’m pretty excited to table at the Jet City Comic Show tomorrow!  It’s a one day con at the Seattle Center, so it should be pretty easy and laid back.  Please stop by and say hi if you can- besides, it’s about the only time I have to do sketch commissions, so that’s somethin’.

Hope to see some of you soooooon,


I am probably the worst person ever when it comes to updating people about my convention schedule (especially since I'm still pretty new to this whole "actually have a booth" game), but all of that aside, I am going to be at two small northwest cons this month!  Specifically Rose City Comic-Con, and Jet City Comic Show.  Here are the deets, if any of you are planning on swinging by:

Rose City Comic-Con | Portland, OR | September 8-9, 2012
I'll be at Booth A20, in the Artists' Alley:

Jet City Comic Show | Seattle, WA | September 22, 2012
Okay, I don't have my booth location for this one yet, but I'll be somewhere in the Artists' Alley- I'll update with information as it gets closer to the con.

...Do swing by and say hi if you can!  I'll have a few of the remaining Tiny Horuses, a bunch more art books, and a few copies of the Legends of the Old West book that I did my Nat Love piece for.  I love getting the chance to meet people, and cons are probably the only time when I actually have time to do quick sketch commissions. :D

Predictably, I’m heading back to SDCC this year! I’m not going to be manning any tables this time around, unfortunately, but I will be wandering around for the entirety of the con from Wednesday through Sunday. I might be dressed as Poison Ivy on Friday, but I’ll definitely be dressed up as a post-apocalyptic/battle-ready Ivy on Saturday, in the vein of the DCU online trailer.

If anyone’s wearing Historical Disney Princess cosplay to the con this year (or any other cosplay of my art, for that matter), I’d love to run into you/fawn over you/take way too many pictures of you. I’ll try to update twitter with my whereabouts during the weekend, so that would probably be the best way to get a hold of me on the fly.

I just really want to see you guys in person!  You make my heart go all a-flutter when you post cosplay.

Hope to see some of you guys there,
The Community-themed Six Seasons and a Movie art show is this weekend in LA!  I can't make it down for the opening, unfortunately, but you should check it out if you can- there are an obscene number of talented artists contributing to the project.  Here are the details, for those of you who're interested:

Six Seasons and a Movie Art Show
curated by Pixel Drip

June 23 - 24
Monk Space gallery
4414 West 2nd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90004

Saturday | 11am - 6pm (invite only opening reception 7pm-12am)
Sunday | 11am - 6pm

I'm not in the documentary trailer for the show, but the lovely Sakari Singh :iconsakarisingh: mentions me and my piece, A Stacked Deck:

I'll have a framed print of the piece in the show, along with sets of six individual postcard prints for sale in the print shop.  Pretty rad.

Pokemon Battle Royale - Seaking by shoomlah

Light Grey Art Lab updated their site with prints from the Pokémon Battle Royale art show, so you can head over to their online shop if you want to pick up a Seaking print of your very own: lightgreyartlabshop.bigcartel.…


Norwescon 35 | Seatac, WA | April 5-8, 2012

Just a reminder that I'm going to be at Norwescon 35 in Seattle, WA this weekend!  I'll have prints in the Art Show, and I'm on a frightening number of panels:
  • How to Sell Yourself | Friday 9 am | Cascade 11 
    An artist needs more than talent to be successful. One must learn how to create a polished and professional image as well. You may have intelligence and creativity; but that isn’t enough! Learn how to not only create a portfolio, but how to put your own personal best foot forward when presenting yourself and your work to shops, galleries, and publishers.
    Kate Merriwether Lynch (M), Claire Hummel, Tara Theoharis 
  • 3D - Yes or No? |  Friday 3 pm | Cascade 6 
    Movie companies and TV manufacturers are heavily invested in 3D. Is it still just a gimmick or are we witnessing the next "silent to talkies" or "black and white to color" transformation?
    Chris Nilsson (M), The Reverend En Fuego, Steven Perry, Claire Hummel, Brooks Peck 

  • Steampunk Art | Friday 9 pm | Cascade 12
    From gadgets to weapons to jewelry, we’ve all seen fabulous steampunk paraphernalia. But is steampunk only for costumes and cool devices? No, we say! Come meet artists who create both 2D and 3D pieces to see how they imagine, design, and create these beautiful steampunk works of art!
    Claire Hummel (M), Tammy Mickelson 

  • Steampunk Culture | Saturday 11 am | Cascade 3&4 
    Growing? Stagnating? What are the hot trends? Does the availability of “Steampunk” costume accessories at Value Village devalue the movement?
    Anina Bennett (M), Paul Guinan, Claire Hummel, Diana Vick 

  • Women in Gaming |  Saturday 2 pm | Evergreen 1&2 
    Our all-female panel discusses gaming concepts that attract girls, what girl gamers are looking for in games, and how to get more girls into games. They will also discuss the growing presence / awareness of women playing and designing games, and their struggles with working in the industry. If you are a woman interested in working in this industry, our panelists want to encourage you!
    Julie Haehn (M), Jessica "GiGi" Blair, Jennifer Brozek, Claire Hummel 

  • Video Game Art |  Saturday 5 pm | Cascade 12
    As technology continues to advance, more and more artists are moving into the realm of video games. Come and learn what goes into the creation of art for these games, what programs are used, what the challenges are, and what the future of the business holds.
    Joshua Howard (M), Douglas Herring, Claire Hummel, Leigh Kellogg 

  • Becoming an Industry Professional Artist |  Sunday 2 pm | Cascade 12 
    What kind of careers are out there (book covers, illustrators, video games, film, hobbies, games), and what do I need to break into those fields? What do art directors look for in your portfolio? Come to this panel to learn about what you need in order to break into the professional world of media arts.
    Joshua Howard (M), John Picacio, Paul Guinan, Claire Hummel, Leigh Kellogg

Hope to see some of you there, definitely swing by and say hi if you can. :)

Steamcon® IV - October 26-28 - Seattle, WA

Yup, it's that time of year again- Steamcon® is going into its third year of Artists' Alley, a place for Steampunk craftspersons to promote their hand-crafted and Steampunk-relevant wares!  We know that it can be difficult for smaller-scale artisans to afford or procure a full-blown vendor's table at conventions, so this is a chance for the less mass-produced artists to get their work out there.

Steamcon® will receive Artists’ Alley applications for review until June 1st, at which point we will begin evaluating & accepting exhibitors until the Artists’ Alley is full. All applicants will be juried, and consideration will be based on applicability of wares, date of receipt and diversity of merchandise available in the Artists’ Alley.

  • It's worth noting, for example, that we see a lot of jewelry artisans who work with assembled gears and clock parts.  If you'd like to stand out from the crowd of other applicants, your best bet would be to make something that is uniquely yours.
  • Also note that participation in previous Artists' Alleys does not guarantee that you will be afforded a space this year. We receive a lot of applications at once, and we want to make sure that the Alley is juried for quality and relevance.
If you wish to participate, please read and fill out the application HERE, and send us photos of your wares by either posting them to the Steamcon Flickr group, or e-mailing them to us at

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to shoot me a note at  We hope to see you in October!

Claire Hummel
Steamcon® IV Artists' Alley coordinator