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Selachophobia by shoomlah Selachophobia by shoomlah
...Fear of sharks, a phobia-based illustration assignment. I've gotten some marvelous crits on it in class, but, for the moment, I'm happy with how it turned out. Glee!

(Painter IX)
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deadrabbit Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
ffffff......this turns my blood cold. I'm actually having a hard time looking at it. Nice to know my fear has a name though.
Lorrain Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
The shark seems to be the one afraid :P
werewolfkate555 Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2012
I'm selachophobic but I enjoy so much your art^^
Sharks everywhere
I-F Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2010
It's not a fear, it's a healthy sense of self-preservation!! =) Nice work.
Mearaz Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2010
It made me laugh! Great job on it! :D
Nefrit Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2009  Student Traditional Artist
Oh! creepy I think I have this fobia :? and in this moment I hapened to listen to Morohine-sharks :crazy: this realy is crazy coincidence o.O
shinakari Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2008
Colors are so pretty! Hehe.. nice concept.
Icewolf883 Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Great but scary! I fear sharks, especially the great white :( They are scary... But I do not see them as monsters, like some people are. They´re animals, but scary animals.
emoreth Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2007
Only one thing bothers me about this pic: why isn't there a valve on the top of the scuba tank?

Ohterwise, it's super-cool. Exactly how I hope I won't feel on my first ocean dive!
kittykat01 Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2007  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
very nice xD i like the shark and the little angel fish's expressions 8D :+fav: awesome job on the water too :D
anarchysometimes Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2007
I'm scared of sharks, each time I go diving I keep imagining a huge shark coming out of the gloom *shudder*

really nice pic though
Jesalynn Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2006
Oh my gosh... the shark is like, the essence of fear or something...

I love the water... i miss the ocean
dickyx Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2006  Professional Interface Designer
where is the bcd?
Jochimus Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2006
That's awesome. Reminds of the opening of "Jaws 2"; I hope they find the camera...:D
wacky-w Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2006  Professional Filmographer
For a few split seconds, i thought that the shark was a boat. I wouldn't hav lasted long there, would I? lol!
brilliant piccy!
Bmoncur Featured By Owner May 6, 2006
AhhhhhHhhhh!!!!! *cardiac arrest*
Feathers-of-Love Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2006
This picture describes very well the way I feel underwater :o Except for that there are no sharks in my country, so I am scared of seaweed xD;;
kecen Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2006
I actually have a phobia of my own. Fear of money (well pennies in particular).
boxeater5 Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2006
thats so awesome
Selachophobic is the last thing i am
Kiboku Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
dude, it would be SO funny if the little fish had really BIG eyes and was staring at the shark.XD yeah...
angelfish1021 Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2006
Hey, dude...lookout behind you! Hehe...great pic!
EatToast Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2006  Professional Traditional Artist
looks like the prehistoric megalodon shark is after him!! poor diver. never saw it coming...(i don't know how's a BIG shark..)
inwhitedresses Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2006
this scares me, because i'm terrified of sharks O_o
karkarodon Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2006
Oh! Oh! OH!!!!!! SHARKSSSSSSSSSS! Seriously, lovely job with the lighting, love the sharks' eyes, but that tiny litle fish would be running for the hills! It's honestly the only thing you can use to tell when the big predators are about, watching the fish. I have some sharks shots in my gallery, if you like sharks. I love this piece!!
shoomlah Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
Awesome, I'll definitely go check out your gallery!

Thanks for the comment,
Aakr Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2006
This is beautiful! I love it!
dragontlan Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
Wow. That holds even more meaning for me since I sucba, but I'd love it even if I didn't.
lagatafritz Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2006
silverweasel Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2006
*sings the Jaws theme* DUUUN DUN! DUUUN DUN! dun dun dun dun dun dun... XD

:lmao: That's good! Brilliant picture! The little fishy the diver's photographing is cute. :3
Maxrunn Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2006  Hobbyist Artist
ladygodiva Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2005
Is it just me, or does the shark appear to be the more worried one?
rodrev Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2005  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hehe. He is in for a suprise I gues :D
thornwolf Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2005
I'm scared of sharks too. Moreso, I'm scared of losing a limb. Being scared of sharks is a cause of losing a there ya go.
shoomlah Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
I'll make it my personal duty to keep any sharks I'm associated with away from your limbs. *shakes fist at sharkkind*

purplescales Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2005
Yeah, this pretty much embodies my fear of sharks.
dipstikk Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2005
This is always one of the thoughts going off in the back of my mind, the paranoid fear of being stalked by a hammerhead or a barricuda or something.

The hammerhead one is based on nothing, but I have a good reason for being scared of barricuda

One time, we were just visiting Florida during the summer, maybe 2002. We had rented out a scuba diving boat as well as a guide for the day, and were headed out to a reef. When we got there, we dove down for a while. The water was clear as day, and the fish were numerous.

But sometime around mid-afternoon, we saw a long,, striped, glinting fish heading towards us. It was a great barricuda. It swam up to us, it couldn't have been more than 2 feet away. Mom and I were paralized, and for good reason. This particular kind of fish can tear your arm apart if you make it mad. Mom, the fish, and I had a staredown for a good 30 seconds. Then, as if it were actually listening to my thoughts, it swam off. Just like that, it turned and went back out and faded away in the blue.

It's a very humbling experience, to be nose-to-snout with a fish, only a third your size, that could tear you apart in an instant. I still say I coulda kicked that fish's ass, though.

For maybe a second. Then it'd be all him.
TheTazza Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2005
Mmm its been so long since I have used painter for anything XD; I should try getting back into it. But anyways, this is a lovely piece <3 the colours and everything is just wonderful.
JamesRocket Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2005
LOL, the shark is quite a funny addiotion to the pic's already nifty atmosphere; great work. :3
spiritwolf77 Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2005
This is spiff-tastic. What brush did you use for this?
shoomlah Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
Artist's Oils, usually the brushes with "blender" in their names- I toyed around with the settings until I found a range I could work comfortably with by shifting arounnd the size/blendiness/opacity/what have you.

kitton Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
I love the textures in the background (the water streaming is especially pretty!) Gorgeous bold tropical blues, and I love the way the coral fades out-and it has a gorgeous texture! I love the overall composition and feel. The shark is so great!
madeloupe Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2005
Goodness, that's awesome. I love the light on the shark- and oddly enough, the shading on the scuba diver's knees.
shoomlah Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
I was so gorram proud of those knees, nice to know they're noticeable!
adropofchaos Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2005
Fantastic work, as always.
Isn't Painter IX just a miracle in gigabytes?!
The shark is quite intriguing how it sort of looms over the man.
And the figure is shaded to perfection. Very lovely.
shoomlah Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
Isn't Painter IX just a miracle in gigabytes?!

I couldn't have put it better myself. :) Thankye!

psychicbologna Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2005
Heheh. I love sharks. Have a poser of one up in my room. Awesome image!
Dis-Torted Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2005
Oh wow, why does that bring back memories. Oh yes, because it has happened to me before. Go scuba diving, take a piccie of a cute little fish and turn around to have a shark staring at you.

Love the picture though. Looks so much more nicer. xD
lugia Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2005  Student
Oh man, this would freak out my sister! I actually don't think a Selachophobic would scuba-dive anywhere near where sharks roam, much less scuba-dive at all. I know my sister wouldn't.

I really like the lighting of this piece and the overall composition. The shark really looms right there in the corner, eyeing the guy who has no idea what's going on. The coral is really well-colored. I like how bright and fun it looks compared to the shark opposite it. I also think it would be cool if the shark were on the same plane as the guy, like... hovering right behind him, instead of how it looks now with the shark in the foreground. But that's just me. I love the way you've done the shark's eyes and how you've made them look slightly "lifeless" like real sharks eyes are. 'Makes him look hungry. :9

Wonderful piece!
Higekun Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2005
*squee* :D This scares me in a good way! Awesome underwater lighting!
jivu Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2005
Wow.. Just gorgeous. I'd like to see him turn around o_o;
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