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May 13, 2011
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In sixteen hundred seven by shoomlah In sixteen hundred seven by shoomlah

Oh, Pocahontas. Really not one of my favourite Disney films, but it posed an interesting challenge. Note that this is the Disney character, not the historical figure, so while I tried to make the outfit accurate to 17th century Powhatan clothing (yes, one-shouldered dresses and split skirts existed, YE GADS) she is, most definitely, not a 12-year-old. It's my happy middle ground when drawing a historical version of an inaccurate portrayal of a historical person. That's a mouthful.

My one big cheat on this was her necklace- the shell necklace should in theory be a deep purple (turquoise is a much more Southwestern commodity), but you lose so much of the Pocahontas visual identity without the splash of teal around her neck.

...And not the belabor the point, but she learns English by way of MAGIC? Come on, Disney, even Tarzan had the sense to do a heavy-handed language montage.

(Photoshop CS4)

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KurotsutaMurasaki Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2014
Can I ask some questions about the gun?

1 - is that meant to be a musket, or a rifle?

2 - Did you do any research into weapons of the period or did you just free-style it since is a superfluous prop?
shoomlah Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
it's a wheel-lock rifle- the chamber would have been rifled instead of the smoothbore chamber of earlier muskets.  And yes, I did research, because that's the point of this series- it would seem a bit silly to research costumes and then let it all fall to pot when I drew ancillary props and details.
KurotsutaMurasaki Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2014
Okay. I just asked because the hand rest looks similar to what you might see on a Pennsylvania rifle (which would be about a century before its time), but it didn't have any other similarities. I thought that it was probably a wheel-lock, but I just wanted to ask.
ThrivingIvori Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This version fits so much better with Disney's.
Fisherbrook-Photos Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
i think this one too it looks awesome.
demicoeur Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Beautiful rendition. Always love your work and how much attention to detail you put in. Though on the topic of realism, Tarzan's language montage is just as improbable as Pocahontas' magic tree English. Based on studies of feral children, humans are incapable of learning language past the age of 11 (and aren't very successful learning language past the age of 5). Given Tarzan looks like he's definitely past puberty in the film, it's impossible he'd learn language either. At least Pocahontas would be capable of learning a new language at all, she wasn't raised by gorillas lol 
That said, I love Disney films anyway, just not for their realism ;P
Speedygal Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Pokahontus is still my favorite >:3
shoomlah Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Pocahontas or Matoaka, please- she's a real person.
Speedygal Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
I know. But I do like the character.
redxheadxgurl Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
LOVE this series, and honestly, this is my favorite to date! :)
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