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May 13, 2011
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In sixteen hundred seven by shoomlah In sixteen hundred seven by shoomlah
Oh, Pocahontas. Really not one of my favourite Disney films, but it posed an interesting challenge. Note that this is the Disney character, not the historical figure, so while I tried to make the outfit accurate to 17th century Powhatan clothing (yes, one-shouldered dresses and split skirts existed, YE GADS) she is, most definitely, not a 12-year-old. It's my happy middle ground when drawing a historical version of an inaccurate portrayal of a historical person. That's a mouthful.

My one big cheat on this was her necklace- the shell necklace should in theory be a deep purple (turquoise is a much more Southwestern commodity), but you lose so much of the Pocahontas visual identity without the splash of teal around her neck.

...And not the belabor the point, but she learns English by way of MAGIC? Come on, Disney, even Tarzan had the sense to do a heavy-handed language montage.

(Photoshop CS4)

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MrOneEars Mar 1, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Bravo! Beautiful work!
Sliptheflitch Jan 27, 2014  Professional Writer
I personally prefer this piece! It's awesome and it looks fantastic. Great job!
12neon Jan 8, 2014
so Tatiana and Pocahontad are both not your favorites hun????
mkchirp Dec 30, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
So great!Froggy Emoji-28 (In loved) [V2] 
i like the's just kind of disappointing to see it really is a lot like what disney did. though i love the split feature, and the dual layer skirt thing going on. love the feathers in the hair though!^^ i think i might have been happier with some feathers on the dress as well.
PoisonousTiger Oct 18, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Well, they wanted magic and I guess that justified changing the historical truth.
Fantastic job. And as for the magic.... I mean virtually every Disney has some magic in it. Pocahontas was seen talking to some nature spirit (I.E. Grandmother Willow) saying she'd been having dreams of "strange clouds", which were actually the sails of the boat from England, and of a "spinning arrow", which was in fact John Smith's compass. So you could say Pocahontas has shaman-esque powers.
She's not naked enough!
Oh well.

^ By sexualize, I mean they highly exaggerated every physical feature that our society collectively finds attractive to the point of it being... kind of a caricature of modern conventional beauty. People like long hair? Let's make it VERY long and VERY straight. People like high cheek bones, white teeth, big lips? Let's make them VERY high, VERY white, and VERY full. Big boobs? HUGE BOOBS! Slim waist and long legs? Let's make it VERY slim, her bottom VERY flat, and her legs VERY long and thin. And her feet very small.


To be honest, I sometimes feel like Pocahontas is an ethnic Jessica Rabbit. At least the writers and animators of Who Framed Roger Rabbit knew that Jessica was supposed to be a highly exaggerated example of female beauty for irony, story, and character reasons. Disney gave Pocahontas similar proportions and exaggerated beauty... but it doesn't really play a part in the story or her personality. Like I said, legs that thin, hair that long and perfectly straight, a bust that big, a dress that tight, etc. doesn't make sense for a wild child that spends all her time running, rafting, and seeking adventure in the woods.


I just love the accuracy and practicality of this design so much!

Oh yes of course, cos athletic types can't have different body shapes or be conventionally beautiful now can they!
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