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March 31, 2011
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And a bit alarming by shoomlah And a bit alarming by shoomlah
I can't explain it, but reinterpreting Disney princess outfits through a more historically accurate lens really, really appeals to me. Beauty and the Beast has always hovered hesitantly in the late 18th century (especially in the earlier concept art), so I redid Belle's gold dress to match 1770's French court fashion.

- Claire, who knows above-the-elbow gloves weren't really in fashion until the early 1800's but is running with it anyway.

(Photoshop CS5)

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I absolutely LOVE your series, and Belle is my favourite! I know that asking about different princesses is redundant, especially given that this is the same princess, but I was just wondering if you had/would be willing to consider Belle's blue peasant dress? I love the court fashion, but I always find peasants more historically fascinating, and while I know that I'm quite possibly the only one interested in such a piece, I suppose I just wanted to ask?

Beautiful work, all of it!
I was wondering. Did the noble women have to ware white wigs? Or was it optional?
The French Revolution and the lower class Frenchmen beheaded their monarchies  in the 18th century so I doubt realistically Belle and Adam would be royals. If they were they would be in hiding and in fear of the mobs trying to kill them because France now wanted independence but it is Disney's adaptation of a fairy tale so...
shoomlah Mar 18, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
they are literally a prince and princess. they live in a castle with servants.
Well yeah I know that but historically the French didn't have royals anymore by the 18th century. It was the French Revolution and the towns people beheaded the king and queen (who was Marie Antoinette at the time). There was a mob at the castle and when they broke in they took all the royals stuff and trashed the place. the towns people executed the royals in 1793. So historically Belle and Adam would have been killed rather he was a beast or not.
shoomlah Mar 24, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Ah, I see where you're confused- the 18th century is the 1700's!  The 1800's are the 19th century. :)  This is based off of the 1770's, pre-French revolution. :)

No what a minute I think I said late 1700s was when the French had a revolution but even in early 1700s the people were upset with the royals and wanted them gone. They wrote bad things about them in news papers and just didn't like them. It wasn't till 1789 where they actually stormed the castle and executed the royals. But I guess when you look at the movie it could kind of feel like that time because the town where Belle lives are totally uncaring about their prince and we have no idea what happen to the king and queen. Maybe they were killed by french revolutionaries and only left Adam to be alive because he was never crowned. And maybe turning into a beast was actually the best thing that could happen to him to keep him safe. And the climax of the film the towns people do storm the castle and try to kill the beast prince. Maybe it's more than just "oh my gosh a beast" and maybe they know the beast is the prince and just want to kill the prince so they won't go back into a cruel monarchy. I doubt Beast and Belle would make good rulers. He is just starting to learn how to read and Belle is too much of a dreamer she doesn't focus on real life and the issues a nation can have. So I could see them being killed off once everyone finds out the prince is really alive and is married.
shoomlah Mar 26, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Well what you said was "but historically the French didn't have royals anymore by the 18th century," which is just baldly not true, because the French had royals for 89% of the 18th century. :)  Whether or not you think they would be good royals, or whether or not they would have lasted, it is completely plausible- as indicated by the movie in which a prince lives in a castle- that the two of them would be part of the Ancien Régime.
MrOneEars Mar 1, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Bravo! Beautiful work!
TheStoryCollector Feb 23, 2014  New member Student General Artist
Even though it's not 100% accurate it's still probably my favorite!
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